Enjoying a Home with a Pool and BBQ During Coronavirus

During the summertime many think about enjoying time with family and friends in the backyard, having a BBQ, or swimming in the family pool. But should we? Can we get together safely during these Coronavirus times?

The pandemic does not have to squash your dreams of having fun and making memories in your backyard with your family…or a perhaps with one or two other households. With some CDC health safety practices in place, yes, you can continue house hunting for a home with a big backyard and a pool to make all of the family memories you’ve always wanted for your home.

It would be my pleasure to help you find your dream home — complete with a cool, watery oasis and enough space for the whole family to spread out while enjoying the outdoors. You don’t need to pack up the BBQ grill when it’s too hot to cook indoors.

Go ahead and plan for some hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill because this summer is a great time to indulge. You’re going to do it smart and, most of all, be as virus safe as possible. Just like when I’m conducting home selling practices in virus safe ways, this blog post shares the recommendations from the CDC and other leading health professionals for applying safe practices to your summer traditions.

How To Stay COVID Safe at a Backyard BBQ or in the Pool

Always observe the most recent guidelines outlined by the CDC health professionals and local mandates before inviting others outside your household. This content reflects the current state of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic as of July 2020.

We do know that the Coronavirus spreads by person-to-person contact so sticking to small groups is best for everyone’s wellness and safety. Keep your group to perhaps only one or two other households.

Keep everything outdoors. This risk of infection is thought to be lower outside where the wind can blow the virus away.

With the right health practices in place, this is how a small get together could take place according to Erin Bromage, Biology and Immunology Specialist at UMass Dartmouth.

The Food

Everyone should bring their own food, utensils, and place settings.
Don’t share food in communal bowls or from serving platters. For instance, if you typically place potato chips in a large bowl on the table, each person reaches into the bowl to take a handful of chips, hands go into the mouth, and then the same hands go back into the bowl for more chips. These common actions have the potential for a contagious virus to spread to everyone eating from the bowl. Instead place chips in individual sandwich bags. The bags can be placed in a large bowl.
Food coming off the BBQ grill should not be placed on a communal platter. Instead take food directly from the grill to someone’s plate.

Where to Sit and How-To Social Distance

Each family household can sit together but it’s necessary to put space between each household. Family and friends from different households should be on the opposite side of the largest thing you can place between the two groups. It’s essential to practice social distancing for each family/friends group.
Masks are encouraged especially if anyone attending is in a high-risk health group. The more people attending the more reason to wear your masks. If the gathering is for only one or two other households, you could probably observe only social distancing without masks since you are outdoors. If you have a fire pit sit on opposite sides of the pit area for conversation and socializing.
Good practices for using the indoor bathroom involve a bit of foresight and planning so the hostess won’t need to sanitize between each guest. Open all the doors towards the bathroom so no one needs to touch a door. When they get to the bathroom ask each person to use a tissue to close the door so they won’t need to touch the doorknob and reopen the door. Be sure to put the seat down before flushing. Remember to wash hands afterwards and walk back outside through the open doors.

Using the Pool

Pool water which is properly maintained is safe for everyone to enter and enjoy. The CDC says there are no real thoughts the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted through chlorinated water, fresh water, or salt water. Water is not risky. So, yes, you could enjoy a swim in a pool, a lake, or at the beach.
It’s not necessary or encouraged to wear a mask while swimming. A wet mask can inhibit your ability to breathe properly. Remove your mask before getting in the water.
Practice social distancing in the water. While you’re splashing around and having conversations in the pool continue to stay six feet apart from anyone not in your household. The safety of pools, lakes, beaches depends entirely on crowds. Keep your group numbers very small to limit person-to-person contact.
Bring your own towel, sunscreen, pool toys, hand sanitizer, mask for when you exit the water, and disinfectant wipes.

Make this summer safe and fun for everyone. If you visit the beach or a lake keep as much distance between yourself and others. If it becomes too crowded, cut your visit short, and vow to return another day.

And if you’d like to live near water or have a home with a pool, reach out. I’ll do my best to help you find the perfect place to call home. New listings are regularly being added to my website. The market is hopping with buyers and sellers.

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